Saturday, December 3, 2011

Florence Welch

When i glare at Florence Welch i see luminous beauty. that artlessly rippled carmine red hair, those resplendently full lips, a finely formed nose, a graceful personality who defines mother earth. she sings about nature, cosmogony, love, and lust; nature and cosmogony being very rare in musicians. i ardor the way she chants intensely with a whole heart, how she releases a charismatic climax, the transitions from feminine to masculine vocals, the harps, the nature like complexion of the tone & rhythm. when i listen to Florence i feel sentiment, aptitude, endeavor. the media labels her "Soul, Indie, Alternative" but truthfully none apply to her aesthetic, shes created her own genre of music. i don't know what gives me those feelings maybe its the avant garde, maybe its not.