Friday, November 25, 2011

Arizona Muse.

Arizona Muse with son Nikko, Photographed by Peter Lindenbeg for Vogue February 2011
I particularly like this picture because shes illustrated in desert area of those identical to the ones in New Mexico.

After reading the February 2011 issue of U.S. Vogue, I was fascinatedby a certain editorial in the magazine; “Manifest Destiny” in it was modelArizona Muse when she was blossoming into the scene. The moment she revealedshe was from Santa Fe, New Mexico opened a door for me, I just related as I am also from New Mexico, the state whose whole population is the fraction of NewYork the city alone.  In the wake of themake-up is an inspiring story, how she gave up and returned in her journey ofher career. It's many qualities she has to die for:  I adore her eyebrows they’re very sharp, and complete;that slight touch of androgyny in her style yet very feminine, that short hairof hers that makes it look tousled naturally, the way she walks is unique and differentfrom the other models, but what I love the lost about her is that she gives meHOPE!