Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 intriguing Finds.

This picture summarizes the art of fine couture where you can see the models beauty transient through the lacing, the faintness of her skin with a bold black to contrast with. I do have to say Karl Lagerfeld never fails at doing what he does preeminent at Chanel.

I believe this picture to be the exact opposite of the first picture; makeup is audacious with the lips being prominent in the scarlet-colour, and most importantly I thing the top is informing the viewer that it’s RTW (Ready To Wear) and that its most likely a Parisian.
I cherished the element of using an accented neutral color scheme in the clothing & the light stain to convey the orange, I envisage a woman confident & utilitarian, when she thinks all around her disappears.

  When I first stared at this it gave me a dirty scold, then I concentrated to the elements of the picture I spotted the model holding a bird melodiously, the Flower headpiece, all the nature  like patterns, and her fusing with the background. This picture has a deeper meaning, to me I fore sought nature bawling at the human race.

     The rays of light shine into the vivid colors on Mariacarla Boscono gives me the sense of fantasy, until the fencing in the background makes it more rational and can give a person a sense of location.

                    I am keen on the scenery in this image, you can feel a control captivating her body, Victorian look yet the heels contradict that, it’s very bizarre to know what the photographer was thinking.    
I guess this will remain a mystery.
I adore how Lara Stone is capable of looking like the Baddest B out there.  Her Legs, Arms, the car, the sunglasses, rolled up sleeves display masculinity, that add to that mean Chic Look.
 I can right away feel the lust & sensuality of the picture depicting silky luscious skin yearning with a luminous dress, her body in a exceedingly envied position.
It gives me fantasy, not only the crown-like headpiece but the illusion of Freja Beha Erichson + YveSaintLaurent, with the imagination you can stretch this portrait as far as you want it.
     This photograph defines beauty right away in infinite shapes, the down to earth nature of this portrait depicts light colored roses, a beaded dress, and make-up that resembles the hue of the background. All together create the ultimate feminine equisite.